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Moved to a new house recently? Need a renovation for your house? Wanna do some job by yourself rather than hire someone and pay? This paint kit is perfect for you. Get perfect results from this innovative painting tool that masters both corners and molding!


Super Easy DIY Wall Painting1


This Super Easy DIY Wall Painting is perfect for you. Takes the hassle and the mess out of any home painting jobs today! You’ll be amazed when you accomplish your room! Super Easy DIY Wall Painting makes painting easier than ever before. It holds 5X more paint than a conventional roller head and the same pad works great on any surface, textured or smooth. With its revolutionary no drip design, Super Easy DIY Wall Painting keeps the paint off the floors and on the walls with professional results every time!


Super Easy DIY Wall Painting2



Glide along moldings, zip around corners, paint circles around fixtures!

Paint an entire room in less than one hour.

Get perfect results every time.

No more paint prepping, runs or brush strokes.

3 metal sticks are included, expand your reach unto 1 meter.

Paint any wall regardless of the degree of texture.

Get perfect results from this innovative painting tool that masters both corners and molding.

No need for tape to get those perfect lines as you glide around fixtures and curves.

Takes the hassle and the mess out of any home painting jobs.

The paint pads hold up to 8 times more paint than traditional paint brushes and 5 times more paint than traditional paint rollers.


Super Easy DIY Wall Painting3



Material: ABS + Sponge 

Big brush: 22 X 12.5 X 5 cm/8.66 X 4.92 X 1.97"

Small brush: 13 X 8 X 8 cm/5.12 X 3.15 X 3.15"

Tray: 24.5 X 15.5 X 15.5 cm/9.65 X 6.1 X 6.1"

Three tubes total length: 70cm/27.56"

Net weight: 360g

Color: Green


Super Easy DIY Wall Painting18

Super Easy DIY Wall Painting10




1 X Tray, 1 X Roller, 2pcs X Handles, 2pcs X Sponge Pads, 3pcs X Lengthen Tubes


1x Tray, 2pcs Handles, 2pcs Sponge Pads


2pcs Sponge Pads

Tracking numbers will be generated to most destination countries and provided upon request. Insured shipping included. We only carry a limited supply. If you see a "No Items" note at checkout, send us a note and we will notify you whenever we get more in stock.


To better painting,


~The Trenpid Team ;)


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Super Easy DIY Wall Painting12

Super Easy DIY Wall Painting13

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7 reviews


Sandra K.

Great kit. It is a nice quality. Has everything you need for a DIY project and comparable (if not better) price to going to the store and picking each item out individually.


Thomas D.

Nice set of stuff for very cheap. This kit worked pretty well. Great value!


Karen H.

It is what a wanted to paint fast and without painting the floor. The material is light and comfortable. Would recommend it.


Freddie M.

If I could give this 10 stars I would. This product is amazing. I spent 2 days painting the trims by hand brush. Then 1 day to cut around the edges of the gray by hand brush. Then it took 3.5 hours to finish painting the entire house filling in the gray with this paint stick. It was so fast and easy.


Dana S.

Great paint roller set. Highly recommend!


Geraldine B.

Exactly what I needed to finish a project for a great price.


Dwight U.

It really works without getting paint all over the place, well worth the price...great value!