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The Minimal Path Floor Mould fulfills your dream of designing your own patio or path and then make it a reality. No special skills are needed to use this tool. The unique stone mold is designed to let you easily create straight paths and square patios as well as angles, circles and wide pavement. DIY plastic concrete mold is laying out the effect posted up like blocks of stones, perfect to create a style of their own garden path. The mold is easy to clean and takes up little space so you can easily add to your patio or create a new matching path.


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Minimal Path Floor Mould is a paving mold used to make a cement (or red mud) garden path. It consists of irregular holes, which can fill the cement slurry in the mold, and then smooth the upper part by hand. When dry, take out the loading mold and sprinkle the stone sand (or plant the grass) in the gap.


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It is a reusable plastic mold for creating patterned walks, path, patios.

Great for paving patios, paths, courtyards, walkways, pave driveways, etc.

Help you to decorate your backyard landscaping.

Use heavy-duty plastic mold that turns a little pre-mixed concrete into a concrete garden stepping stones for easiest access way to your garden.

Keep the beauty and health of your plant by using garden steppingstones as your pathway.


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How To Use This Concrete Paver Mold To Build The Pathways:

1. Mix cement with water, according to package directions. When ready to use, the concrete will be the consistency of oatmeal and thick enough to hold an edge when you slice into it with a shovel.

2. Fill the paver mold, scooping the concrete in with a shovel and making sure to fill each area.

3. Using rubber gloves, spread the concrete around the mold, filling in any gaps or low points. Tap the mold with your hand to eliminate any air bubbles.

4. Following the contours of the mold, smooth out the concrete, wiping away any excess.

5. Allow the concrete to set for a maximum of five minutes, then carefully remove the mold. For the next stretch, rotate the mold a quarter-turn and place it beside the paver just completed, angling slightly if you're creating a curving pathway.

6. After letting the concrete cure overnight, fill the cracks with dirt and wash away any excess. Wet the ground around the newly formed pavers to help them settle.


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Material: PP Resin.

Color: Black.

Size: As show from left to right:

Model AS size: 14.1" x 14.1" x 1.4"

Model A size: 16.9" x 16.9" x 1.57"

Model G size: 11.8" x 11.8" x 1.6"

Model E size: 15.7" x 15.7" x 1.57"

Model H size: 15.7" x 15.7" x 1.57"



1. Prepare the ground - If you would like more lasting stone blocks then it is important that you prepare the ground first, although not necessary and here is why...

To prep the ground, remove the layer of grass, if any, or clear the area where you will place the mold. One and a half to three inches should do it. After removing the grass layer you will be down to the earth layer. 

You may pour a half or one inch of Step-1 paver's sand over the work area and compact it using a dirt tamper to make the soil firm. For larger areas, you may rent a compactor machine found at your nearest home goods local store.

Now, if you decide not to use paver's sand, then you can pour a more wet soupy concrete on the mold and since the concrete is wet, it will mold to the surface of the soil. The mold is thick, so it will not crack. 

For quicker drying concrete you may use "quick dry concrete", which dries really quickly in less than 10 minutes before removing the mold. Regular concrete mix should do the trick too.

You can mix cement color powder with your concrete to give it different looks, such as a brick look, but harder. While the concrete is still wet, you can pour key stones, sea shells and even glitter to give it a unique sparkling finish.    

2. Place the concrete garden molds - once your work area is compacted, then you can place the mold accordingly and pour the concrete. Then let it dry. If you use quick dry concrete then let it sit for 5-10 minutes before removing the mold and working on your next step. For a soupier concrete, give it more time.

3. Premix the concrete - you can use quick dry concrete for a quick dry or a more soupy concrete mix if you are not leveling or compacting the ground.

4. Pour down your own cement bricks, stones or slate to the garden stone molds.

5. Trowel smooth - you can use a piece of wood or slate to remove the excess concrete from the mould in one swoop.

6. Remove the mold - once the the concrete is dry enough remove the mold but still give it more time, 24 hours, to fully dry and step over it.

7. Once you remove the mold - you can use paver's sand step-2 on top of concrete blocks to give it a flat finish and fill in the space between the blocks. Or you can place grass seeds in the between the layers of the blocks so you get grass to grow in between and mow it when you mow the lawn to give it more of a green finish. 




Although colder weather should not be a problem on the type of concrete used, you will have to let it sit longer for it to dry, because once the concrete hardens, it surely will last, especially if you prepare the ground by compacting it.

Concrete transforms from a liquid to a solid through a chemical reaction and the speed of reaction depends upon the temperature of the concrete. When the weather is warm the reaction proceeds quickly.

The compacted ground provides a more stable footing, helping the molds last longer, although this step is really not necessary.

For colder climate, a concrete cement mix found locally at your home department store should do. Although keep in mind that the colder it is, the more time you need to give the concrete to dry up and harden. 

You can pour the concrete on cold weather too. 50 degrees Fahrenheit should be the threshold in mind. For temperatures above 50 degrees, you should not have any problems. For temperatures lower than 50 degrees, you may use a curing blanket found at your local home goods store. 

Follow these pointers as a guide on the time needed to let the concrete dry up at different temperatures. You may remove the mold within 5-30 minutes depending on the concrete mix used, but give the concrete time before stepping on it.

70 degrees - 5 hours to dry and harden

50 degrees - 10 hours to dry and harden 

30 degrees - up to 20 hours to dry and harden

For better mixes of concrete more favorable to the local conditions, the best place to inquire is at your local department store that sells concrete, such as the Home Depot or Lowe's equivalent in the USA.

You can use Quickrete or quick drying concrete which dries and hardens pretty quickly up to 4000 or 5000 psi.




Cement Path Floor Mould - How To Mix Concrete With Water



One 60 pound concrete bag yields ~ 2 medium molds

Two 60 pound concrete bags yield ~ 3 large molds

You can fill the mold with about 0.2611 cubic feet of liquid concrete. A 60 pounds bag of concrete has around 0.45 cubic feet, so that means that you could fill up the medium mold around 2 times with a bag of concrete. For the bigger size concrete molds, you may need two bags to fill up the molds two times.


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1x Plastic Path Maker

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To better flooring,


~The Trenpid Team ;)


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I haven't had a chance to use yet, but the quality seems good and I can't wait to try it!

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We have not used this item yet - but the quality of material for the mold is great. heavy duty and looks like it will do what we need for a small walk and fire pit patio...I will upload pics as soon as we finish this project.

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It is great. I love it and it is easy to use. And it works just like the add said.

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Works great easy to use


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