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360-Degree Kitchen Water Faucet!

$19.95 $39.95


Washing dishes and cleaning out sinks is so much easier with the movable water tap head and stainless steel rotatable water saving faucet! The swivel of the tap head covers all areas of the sink! This makes it easier to clean your sink and dishes, not to mention more efficiently, too. Our rotating tap head has three water modes to choose from which you can adjust and control.

Our innovative faucet aerator can save you between 50 and 70% on your water bill! You'll have complete control over the amount of water you use and the pressure. Our tap head is made from quality stainless steel and has a leak-proof water cushion. It is 100% leak-proof! It is very easy to clean and maintain. This faucet a 3-year life expectancy.


  • Easy To Install - The product comes with a white rubber attachment to fit to your tap to ensure there is no leakage. No tools needed!
  • Adjustable - Features a water output regulation button that allows you to control the intensity of the water that you use
  • Made From High-Quality Material - Faucet nozzle filter is made of high quality PP and PVC material and the connection is made of stainless steel
  • Water Saver - Saves water by up to 70%. Great for the environment!
  • Can Be Used Almost Anywhere - Faucet Aerator can be fitted to sink faucets, toilet faucets, and even faucets in public spaces

Only compatible with ROUND faucet heads.


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