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Our Story

Hey bud! We knew you were going to land here because you are as curious to find out about us as much as we love discovering the unknown.


We love meeting new people and telling our story, so here is how a simple window with a cool retro pancake maker turned our world upside down.




As we walked down Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, we were magnetically pulled towards some cool Coca Cola looking retro style pancake maker behind the window shelf of an antique store.


"How cool that would look on our retro collection!"


So we thought…


But once we were about to check out, we found out that it was nearly impossible for us to buy it as it required about 6 months of our salary to get that pancake maker.


“Forget it!” we exclaimed.


“It’s just not meant for us,” one of us sighted!


Giving up, we quickly forgot about this cool retro item and kept on with our lives and released the idea onto the universe.




On a self-discovery trip to the east, we found ourselves walking through the streets of Bangkok when we spotted the most beautiful antique store with lots of things to offer.


Immediately, we realized the magic in that place.


Items that we’d never seen anywhere else in the world before were attainable for one tenth of what we found elsewhere. And to our surprise, we found an exact replica of the pancake maker we had so much liked to take with us back in the streets of Miami Beach.


We were like hungry kids in a candy store!


Not only were we able to get the retro looking pancake maker for our retro collection but so many cool trendy items added to other our collection.


We were ecstatic!




On our way back to home we thought about telling our friends of the many cool items we had discovered along our journey that we found for our collections.


But we soon realized that even if they wanted to, they would not be able to just take off on such long trips to find the items they were searching for.


We had to do something.


We needed to lend a helping hand not just to our friends but to the world!




Why not find the best, most trendy and coolest looking items around the world and help people get them?


So we thought…


And just like that, trenpid was born. Coming from trendy, tren, and coming from speed, pid, trenpid has become a world class boutique store with that finds trending cool products for people at a fraction of the price.


We have achieved this by connecting manufacturing plants straight with customers and avoiding the middle man.


Our vision to unite the world by connecting people with their passion regardless of boundaries still stands.


And so, we travel the seven seas to the most remote places to connect artists and artisans with people who are interested in their products.